2018 Christmas Decor Trends

2018 Christmas Decor Trends and IdeasThis year there seems to be a lot of the same styles as 2017, but there are some styles that are taking off! Classic and Traditional are always in style as far as I'm concerned,and those two styles can be tweaked for a fresh each year. I would much rather stick to a timeless base and just tweak here and there instead of redoing whole Christmas theme each year. I do not have the funds for serious tree changes each year! Christmas 2018 brings a few trends that are not going pass the test of time, see if you can figure out which ones will and which ones won't!

Decor Styles:

Rustic style decor uses vintage accessories, woven baskets, natural colors, and warm earthy tones. Burlap is something you will need to pull this look together!

Primitive and Country are also some styles that are sometimes thought to be rustic. 
For distinguishing between rustic, primitive and country click here

Farmhouse style decor is simple and practical. Burlap, White, Wood…

Rustic, Primitive, and Country- Difference?

Primitive is defined as being the first or earliest of its kind in that it is rude, simple or unrefined. Rustic is rough around the edges, with wood and darker colors.  Country is unrefined, but uses lighter colors of unfiniswood.
This is just a quickie... I will elaborate on this later this week!

Deco Mesh Scrap Wreath

Scrap Deco Mesh Wreath How-To
Use Leftover Mesh to Make a Scrap Wreath

Mesh has taken over my side of the shed.  It's so Meshy... flowery and Christmas-y too.  I don't have a way to organize the wreath things, but hopefully I can get organized soon and share how I did it with readers. The flowers aren't in the way, really. My Christmas, LoL, is definitely well-organized and protected especially after what happened that first Christmas.  It was horrible. Read about my First Encounter with Mesh .  I hope I will never have to treat mesh like moldy cheese again. Well, unless I'm making a Scrap Wreath.

Scrap Wreaths are constructed from any odd and ends you may have had remaining from a past project. 

Deco Mesh Wreath with BIG Flower

Mesh Wreath Summer Trend: Really Big Flowers These Deco Mesh Wreaths are beautiful, and easy to make! I couldn't believe how expensive the big flowers are. I've been looking for big flowers with small price tags whenever I go out and about with no luck. What I did find though, was that prices are consistently outrageous here in Mississippi for these over-grown, over-priced, but never over-rated Big Flowers.
Y'all those flowers were crazy expensive!one 12" flower - $10.00 - $15.00 one 24" flower - $30.00 - $ 40.00
30", 32", and bigger - $60.00 and up

I didn't ask for the size of the really big flowers once I saw the sign with the price. They were big though, and I wanted one. I look like I should be trying to stick something like that on my door;just the flower was half as big as my front porch.
Although putting over-sized fake gerbera daisies in this same fashion IS old news, these particular types of flowers have an interesting texture, cute patterns…

Mesh Wreath How-To: Halloween

How to Make a Halloween WreathThis is my recipe for making a deco mesh wreath for halloween. This was made almost 3 years ago, and I have had it on my front door two times during halloween.

How to Make a Deco Mesh WreathHalloween Mesh Wreath Ingredients needed for this mesh wreath recipe:  21" roll or rolls of deco mesh in halloween colors Wire wreath form  Floral wire for attaching things to the form  Scary Words like BOO! or EEK! (opt) Halloween-ish items to stick in the wreathBlack and white spray paint is handy to have near.Halloween garland and/ or ribbonand everything and anything else that just might work its way into this wreath like curly ting from an old flower arrangement or old plastic Christmas balls.

This is just a list of things that I did. Everyone's halloween mesh wreath will differ depending on the items that were available for you to use in your recipe.  
1.I used a black wire wreath form with a roll of black and white mesh.
2.I also used the black mesh ribbon…

Mesh Wreath Using Jute Mesh

Mesh Wreath Material: Jute Mesh
I was gathering materials for a summer mesh wreath for my front door, when I came across this roll of widely spaced mesh at a local store. Instead of looking like plastic, this looks like strings coated with paper.  I decided to try it even though it was more expensive than the other deco-mesh rolls.
***I just changed the title to this post like a month after posting. I found out that what I was calling paper mesh is actually Jute Mesh.***
Wreath Recipe:
I used blue and white striped metallic meshpapery-like "jute" mesha roll of hot pink glitter tree garland pink, blue, & black spiral ornament folded in half to resemble the ribbon from the bow mounted on a 30" wire formthe finished size is 36"+- across.  I really didn't know how to use the paper mesh at first. I had to redo my original design because it looked awkward.  I made two rows around with the stripes and put the paper mesh in between the two rows. This…

Decorating a Mesh Wreath

Choosing Deco Mesh and Decorations for Your Mesh WreathDeco Mesh comes in so many different colors and patterns that it can be difficult to decide on what Deco Mesh to choose. Usually I have an idea of what my mesh wreath should look like. If I have problems deciding what to stick in my wreath, I use these tips to help me to select the best mesh wreath ingredients.

Browse the ribbon aisle first. Sometimes you'll spot a spool of regular wired ribbon that has the colors that appeal to you. Use that ribbon as a color guide.   Use this picture of ribbon to the left, if you like the pink dots on the yellow ribbon, then grab the Yellow Work Wreath and opt for the Hot Pink 21" metallic pink deco mesh. Walk around finding things that match. Hold your ribbon up to anything that might match, and choose the best for placement in your mesh wreath. No need to clutter. Just a few yellow daisies placed evenly throughout this wreath will be enough.������������������������������������…