Sunday, October 28, 2018

2018 Christmas Decor Trends

2018 Christmas Decor Trends and Ideas

This year there seems to be a lot of the same styles as 2017, but there are some styles that are taking off! Classic and Traditional are always in style as far as I'm concerned,and those two styles can be tweaked for a fresh each year. I would much rather stick to a timeless base and just tweak here and there instead of redoing whole Christmas theme each year. I do not have the funds for serious tree changes each year! Christmas 2018 brings a few trends that are not going pass the test of time, see if you can figure out which ones will and which ones won't!

Decor Styles:
Maximalist Cactus
Minimalist Decor


Rustic style decor uses vintage accessories, woven baskets, natural colors, and warm earthy tones. Burlap is something you will need to pull this look together!

Primitive and Country are also some styles that are sometimes thought to be rustic. 
For distinguishing between rustic, primitive and country click here

Farmhouse style decor is simple and practical. Burlap, White, Wood, Greenery, and some industrial elements can be added as well.

Minimalist "Less is More"

Maximalist 'More is More"

Modern can be colorful or neutral, but always sophisticated! Hygee and Scandinavian styles are modern.

Rustic, Primitive, and Country- Difference?

Primitive is defined as being the first or earliest of its kind in that it is rude, simple or unrefined.
Rustic is rough around the edges, with wood and darker colors. 
Country is unrefined, but uses lighter colors of unfiniswood.

This is just a quickie... I will elaborate on this later this week!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deco Mesh Wreath with BIG Flower

Mesh Wreath Summer Trend: Really Big Flowers

Plaid Mesh Wreath with Big Flower
These Deco Mesh Wreaths are beautiful, and easy to make! I couldn't believe how expensive the big flowers are. I've been looking for big flowers with small price tags whenever I go out and about with no luck. What I did find though, was that prices are consistently outrageous here in Mississippi for these over-grown, over-priced, but never over-rated Big Flowers.
mesh wreath with big yellow flower
Y'all those flowers were crazy expensive!
one 12" flower - $10.00 - $15.00
one 24" flower - $30.00 - $ 40.00
30", 32", and bigger - $60.00 and up

I didn't ask for the size of the really big flowers once I saw the sign with the price. They were big though, and I wanted one. I look like I should be trying to stick something like that on my door;just the flower was half as big as my front porch.
Although putting over-sized fake gerbera daisies in this same fashion IS old news, these particular types of flowers have an interesting texture, cute patterns or prints, and look better than the regular flower-heads. They are made out of natural fibers, papery looking material stretched around like a wire frame. If the flower was to get wet, it would soften and tear so, you definitely want to keep them out of the rain.
I ended up eventually buying two of the 12" flowers. I made two  deco mesh wreaths, and I am very happy with my tiny 12"flowers.  Make a smaller mesh wreath, and it will make a bigger flower. Let me know your thoughts on these Mesh Wreaths. If you have a question about the material or items used in these or any wreaths, just ask.
More pictures of these wreaths can be found on the GooseyGOOGallery page or click the link below:
Big Flower Deco Mesh Wreath pictures       


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