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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mesh Wreath Using Jute Mesh

Mesh Wreath Material: Jute Mesh

I was gathering materials for a summer mesh wreath for my front door, when I came across this roll of widely spaced mesh at a local store. Instead of looking like plastic, this looks like strings coated with paper.  I decided to try it even though it was more expensive than the other deco-mesh rolls.
***I just changed the title to this post like a month after posting. I found out that what I was calling paper mesh is actually Jute Mesh.***
Paper Mesh
Paper Mesh Wreath
Wreath Recipe:
  • I used blue and white striped metallic mesh
  • papery-like "jute" mesh
  • a roll of hot pink glitter tree garland
  • pink, blue, & black ribbon.
  • one spiral ornament folded in half to resemble the ribbon from the bow 
  • mounted on a 30" wire form
  • the finished size is 36"+- across.
 I really didn't know how to use the paper mesh at first. I had to redo my original design because it looked awkward.  I made two rows around with the stripes and put the paper mesh in between the two rows. This paper mesh is super messy; It left pieces of paper flakes everywhere. I don't think paper mesh is something I would buy more of for myself. 4 weeks later and I'm still finding blue flakes, but I will say the mesh wreath still looks great.

I made a new mesh wreath using the same roll of jute used in the mesh wreath above. Click here to view another wreath with jute.

Decorating a Mesh Wreath

Choosing Deco Mesh and Decorations for Your Mesh Wreath

Deco Mesh comes in so many different colors and patterns that it can be difficult to decide on what Deco Mesh to choose. Usually I have an idea of what my mesh wreath should look like. If I have problems deciding what to stick in my wreath, I use these tips to help me to select the best mesh wreath ingredients.

  • Browse the ribbon aisle first. Sometimes you'll spot a spool of regular wired ribbon that has the colors that appeal to you. Use that ribbon as a color guide.  
  •  Use this picture of ribbon to the left, if you like the pink dots on the yellow ribbon, then grab the Yellow Work Wreath and opt for the Hot Pink 21" metallic pink deco mesh
  • Walk around finding things that match. Hold your ribbon up to anything that might match, and choose the best for placement in your mesh wreath. 
  • No need to clutter. Just a few yellow daisies placed evenly throughout this wreath will be enough.                                                             
  • If you find an item that's not the right color, then paint it to match.If you want to use something not pink or yellow, then whatever the item's color put more of that same color into your mesh wreath using other materials. You can even use a different color of mesh to tie into the wreath as shown in the picture below. I had a black butterfly that I wanted to use, but nothing in my wreath was black. I placed some black and white mesh on the wreath. Well, I stuck my butterfly on that crazy looking thing, and it sold the next morning.
butterfly mesh wreath at the flea market
Mesh Wreath with Black Butterfly

Deco Mesh for Your Mesh Wreath

Which Deco Mesh Product is Right for My Mesh Wreath

You've decided to make a wreath using deco mesh. So you go to the store and there are just tons of choices. Here's what you need to know about common mesh products.

  • Mesh rolls come in different styles and can range from 5.00- 15.00
  • The usual widths are 2.5", 10", and 21"
  • Deco-tubing is made from the same material, and can be used like ribbon or garland
  • Tinsel rope is just that
  • Work wreaths are wire forms with tinsel rope attached to the form. It's used to attach mesh to the wreath
  • Glitzy rope or Glamor sticks are bendable glittery things that can be twisted to stick out of the wreath
Deco Mesh rolls can be solid colors in a matte finish, they can be metallic looking, plaid,   striped, fabric-y, or paper-y. I've found that the ones with metallic threads are the longest lasting as they do not fade as easily on your front door.

  • It's best to use the 21" as the main mesh on your wreath. The 10" is just not as thick as the 21".
  • Try to get a darker color for your main mesh. White and other lighter colors show the wire frame.
  • The 2.5" mesh should only be used in the wreath as ribbon or as accents stuck in throughout the main mesh.

    Work Wreath
  • Deco-tubing is something you probably wont need for your first wreath. I have several packs of it, and I'm always perplexed as to how I'm gonna fit it on the wreath.
  • Glitzy rope is cool to purchase if you are a dedicated wreath maker.
  • Tinsel rope isn't really needed if you opt for the work wreath
                  Work wreaths are AWESOME. GET ONE!
    So the only things you need to be concerned with purchasing for your first  mesh wreath is:
  1. Work wreath in a matching color
  2. 21" metallic deco mesh (use the whole roll)
  3. If you want a big bow, use the 2.5" in a contrasting color to replace a wired ribbon

That's the basic ingredients for a Mesh Wreath. The materials are expensive unless you can buy wholesale. Don't get all "Glitzy Stick Silly," and buy over 100 bucks worth of mesh and only make one wreath. If you do, send me the leftovers and I'll make you a scrap wreath. BTW I've made a few mesh wreaths from scraps, so more scrap wreaths pictures will be coming soon! Check in the GooseyGooGallery for new wreaths and other projects.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mesh Wreaths for Everyone

 Mesh Wreath Appeal: Reaching a Different Customer Base

 Tips for Making Mesh Wreaths that will Catch 'someone's' Eye

Peace Wreath
"Peace Wreath" by GooseyGOO
Ribbit Wreath by GooseyGoo
"Ribbit Wreath" by GooseyGOO
I was intentionally trying to clutter the one with the daisy and peace sign ribbons aka"peace wreath".
I didn't think I was going to have enough scraps to even finish the "ribbit wreath." They both sold quickly. Honestly, I wouldn't have spent money on the "ribbit wreath."

When making creative-type things, I always have to think about the folks that aren't into my big poofy mesh wreaths. I have to think of what it is they really like instead. I can almost count on there being folks who are frog fanatics to the point of buying an over-priced ugly wreath only because of the little frog. I've made a several wreaths that left me unhappy with the finished product, but those wreaths sold.

When only crafting with mesh within the wreath niche' it can seem like you have a small audience. For the people in the world not on the mesh train, you might have to lure them into your store by appealing to them in a non-wreathy way.  Learning how to craft your products to reach different types of customers with out having to make each customer his or her own wreath is gold.
The girl who bought the Peace Wreath actually has a VW van from Hippie-Times. I was able to catch her eye with the whole peace vibe.  The woman who bought the Ribbit Wreath told me she collected frogs.  I believe those two women would've never bought a wreath from me had the wreaths looked like my typical poofy mesh wreaths. I sold it by default; they bought it only because it spoke to them... croaked to them.
I'm not saying to go out and make up a whole bunch of weird-o-wreaths. If you just happen to have some scraps and you need a few more wreaths to list, try to incorporate something into the scrap wreath that could possibly sell the person on your wreath regardless if they wanted to buy a wreath today or not. Also,don't set the price to costly because that itself could be a reason why a customer would not be sold on  all this Meshy Business.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mesh Wreath Designs

GooseyGOO Christmas Mesh Wreath
Christmas Mesh Wreath

Here's two wreaths of Christmas past and a list of items used in making each one.

  • The Mesh is what was left remaining on the rolls from several Summer Wreaths I had made earlier that year. The Zebra ribbon was also scraps from another summer wreath.
  •  The wire wreath form is at least 30". It's one of the plain green double circles.
  • I used some small brightly colored ornaments from target as well as Christmas Picks( the wire with circles) 
  •  The large balls were purchased for 9.99 at CVS.

Pink and Black Christmas Wreath
      Pink and Black Christmas Wreath SOLD  
  • 20" greenery with black and white striped mesh with a few scraps of pink mesh. Black mesh ribbon bow
  • Foam "L" that I cut-out and painted
  • Mismatched silver snowflake ornaments and small silver balls tied together in 3's and stuck into 3 places
  • There are also a few silvery decorative picks from Joann's
          Our Newest Designs are Listed for Sale on My Etsy Store
      More Mesh Wreath Designs can be Found in GooseyGooGallery 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Mesh Wreaths 2012

mesh wreaths


 First Scratch at the Flea Market

 I hadn't planned on trying to sell any mesh wreaths at the flea market until the night before. So I threw a few things together that night, hauled them to town, and set up shop on the hood my car. Notice the tents in the background. I wish I would've brought mine because standing in the sun for 5 hours on the hottest day yet of this year with my fair skin was probably one of my worst ideas ever.

mesh wreath
This wreath features 3 flowers made from pink mesh secured with checkered ribbon on a black and white striped mesh. The wreath is wicker-like grapevine spray-painted white.
Mesh Wreath
First Sale of the Day
black and orange
Black and White with Giant Gerbera Daisy
Mesh Wreath
This one ended up being larger than I had anticipated, but it sold. This was made with leftover deco-mesh from other projects.

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